Thursday, July 23, 2015 HAUL

Hello My Glamorous Friends!! 

Here is a little more about

This is how all the items below arrived in these 2 packages. Everything was safe and secure. Regular shipping was predicted at 12-25 days, I received my items in 16 days. I did order during the Fourth of July holiday so that may have delayed it slightly. ;)  I got about $200 worth of products and shipping was about $95, but the uniqueness of each piece brings up the price, giving you a steal if you tried to buy this in the US. This is why I love online shopping! No middle man store brand making a

Halter Top>



Trendy Bag>

Butterfly Heels>

Floral Romper>

Ethnic Dress> 

Bohemian Sandals>

Butterfly Watch>

Lace Dress:

Maxi Dresss>

Body Chain>


Loose Fitting White Dress:

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xo Lindsay

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