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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

DIY: Collar Necklace

I went out window shopping this past weekend, browsing for some trends that I can use for DIY. I seen TONS of different collar neckaces in all the stores. The looked really simple to make and looked like something I could do to refurbish my old jewelry pieces. I noticed others online had similar tutorials but I used stuff you more then likely already have. I hate having  to make a trip to craft store for just one item... reuse, recycle, everything!!  :)
One necklace takes about 2 hours to complete.

Video Tutorial:

Stay Glamorous xo

Thursday, November 8, 2012

DIY: Corner Rack for Scarfs or Clutches

I really needed some space and I had my scarfs hung over the door and everywhere else around the house. I made these 2 racks for my things.
Check out my video for how to! :)
So easy and now organized for perfect viewing!
Stay Glamorous,
xo Lindsay

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

DIY: 5 Lace Fashion Crafts with Bonus Earring Display Craft

Fun and super Easy ways to revive some of your items with lace!
Learn How in my Video:

I love crafting, have fun and stay glamorous!
xo xo Lindsay

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Carley's Haven Jewelry

 I got the chance to review this lovely handmade jewelry by
Carly's Haven
I love handmade jewelry because its so incrediably unique. You can't make an exact replica, I love that about pieces like this. The quality and craftsmanship is excellect from this store. I enjoy the creators attention to details.
The package arrived safely and quickly,
everything inside was perfect and exactly what it looked like in the product photo on the site.
I got a necklace and earrings.
 Teal Polka Dot feather earrings with plum bead accents, perfect match for my necklace.
 Gorgeous elephant pendant adorned with an array
of purples and grays in the stones that are layered precisly on this necklace.
(back of elephant)
 Details <3
 (front of elephant)
I love these pieces, you can go check out the shop if you'd like here:

Stay Glamorous,
xo Lindsay

Wet N Wild FAUNA Collection Look/Swatch

I grabbed up this collection during the spring/summer of this year. I used it a few times and finally have a share worthy look. It was really affordable, I think only $4.99. I got mine at Walgreens.
You recieve a full sized lip gloss, eye shadow trio, blush, and nail polish. This is the sister to the FLORA collection I reviewed earlier this year. This is more for warm skin tones and the flora is more for cool collections. I use them both, but just a recommendation. ;)
 eyeshadows, blush, and gloss swatch
I think they are not as pigmented as the usual palettes they carry.
 These are much more shimmery but workable.
 Teal or No Teal
was the polish shade in this collection. Shimmery and
dries very quickly and smooth.
 Fauna Palette
I used a silver as my base for this shadow, I don't like using this palette without a base, its too dull for my skin tone. Besides I love vibrant and the shimmery silver base helped hold that color.
 Pearlescent Pink 831E
A really nice darker rosey blush
Glass Confusion 311A
I really love this shimmery light pink gloss, its in a squeezable tube too.
 Nice palette mix.
This was a fun look match my pretty jewelry from Carley's Haven, which is up next to be reviewed. ;)
Stay Glamorous,
xoxo Lindsay

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Glamorized: Mandrea

Mandrea stopped by for some glam time! Check out this hottie! :)

I used My Beauty Addiction Shadows Tangerine Tango, Sandcastle, and Gaia
Her cheeks are adorned with Spiced Apricot Mineral Blush and
Carmello lip butter on her lips from
My Beauty Addiction.
 I call this look Naturally Sexy.
Those baby blues! <3
 For her hair I curled her hair quickly and loosely. I also gave her some volume at the crown.
Gorgeousness <3
Check out her images on my photography page.
Stay Glamorous,
xo Lindsay

Friday, October 19, 2012

Glamorized: Meredith

Meredith stopped by for some glam time! So gorgeous!

 I used My Beauty Addiction:
Summer Solstice, Anemone Mineral Shadows
Sierra Mineral Blush
Sinful Lipstick
VIPink lip gloss pot

 I just simply waved her hair using no product for a loose look and finished
with a bit of morroracan oil and hair spray.
Glamorous <3
 Check out more of her pictures here:

Stay Glamorous,
xo Lindsay

Glamorized: Tara

Tara stopped by for some glamour time. I think she looked ravishing and I know she thought so too.
 I used My Beauty Addiction: Titanium, Anemone, and Odyssey Mineral Shadows
Spiced Apricot Mineral Blush and Bare Lipstick
For her hair, I just quickly curled the ends and left the bangs straight for a flirty look.
 This shadow is so beautiful with those stunning eyes.
Glamorous <3
Stay Glamorous,
xo Lindsay

Thursday, October 18, 2012

My new stuff from Jujubeads Jewelry and Cosmetics

 I got some new things from Jujubeads Jewelry and Cosmetics. The products are always so unique and beautiful. This kind of jewelry ALWAYS gets you compliments and asked where did you get it??
 New colors to add to my Jujubeads Cosmetics collection! So pretty!!!
 Blaze- shimmery neutral orange with sparkles
 Goddess- Shimmery neutral deep green with sparkles
 Pride-Shimmery neutral purple with sparkles
 Pure- Shimmey neutral warm white with sparkles
 Tranquil-Shimmery neutral lilac pink with sparkles
 Wasted Hottie- Shimmery neutral pink with sparkles
 Golden Light- I love the matte finish of this full coverage powder. Great product!
 Adorable little pair of <3
 These are absolutly darling, so perfect!
 I <3 Owls!
 Pierced and Cuff!

 I love the details!
This is LOOOOVVE at first sight!!!!

 I created a look for my owl earrings using some Jujubeads Cosmetics.
I used Mineral Shadows: Creamy, Pride, and Pearl Knight
Mineral Foundation: Golden Light
Lippie: Barbie
I'm a happy girl! :)
Stay Glamorous,
xo Lindsay