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Friday, March 13, 2020

St. Patrick's Day Look

I am wearing:
primefocus Primer Serum
photofocus Dewy Foundation - Bronze Beige
bretmanrockxwetnwild Loose Highlight Duo - Liger
bretmanrockxwetnwild Bad Bitch Lift Mascara - Black
bretmanrockxwetnwild Jungle Rock Lipgloss - Freaky
bretmanrockxwetnwild 3-In-1 Face Mist 
- Dew Me In The Jungle
bretmanrockxwetnwild Jungle Rock Shadow Palette 
- Coconut Connoisseur, King of the Jungle, Venomous, Flaminghoe
bretmanrockxwetnwild Jungle Rock Brushes 
- Face Highlighting, Eyeshadow Blending, Eyeshadow Placement

Earrings and Top: Eclectic Wallflower Boutique