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Friday, June 29, 2012

DIY 4th of July/Independence Day Outfit

It's almost that time of year again, 4th of July! I shared a great glitter makeup look last year, so this year I decided to share a DIY outfit! I love the whole Ameican Flag shorts that are being seen just about everywhere and I am sure there are probably a few tutorials for shorts similar to these. I still haven't came across a pair I liked or that is reasonably priced so this is my take on the trend.

I thought to make my tutorial more unique then the others floating around was to add glitter, rhinestones, and a rockstar tank top! I really love the pom poms stores come out with on holidays. I never actually see anyone using them at holidays, but I really like them so I have bought some and always made them look like hair or used it as it is, a prop for pictures!
I thought what a perfect way to make a trendy top for this year 2012. I love it, I hope you do too!

Please enjoy the video to find out how you can make your own 4th of July Outfit! Guaranteed compliments, I plan on using this for a photo shoot soon. :)

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Last Year's Makeup Tutorial would look great with this.

DIY :)
 For the shorts I used:
Red, White, Blue Glitter
Clear, Red, and White Fabric Paint and Brush
Glue gun and glue
Stars or Tape
Old pair of jean shorts

OOO!! I love these sooo much! Must do DIY!

Flag pattern is just like cheetah print or the color black to me, it will look hot with anything. ;)

 For the top you will need:
Scissors, Glue and Glue Gun or you can sew.. hahha
Old white tank or a new one.. W/E ;)

 Love it!! I need to design more, I know whis was basic but I truly love it and haven't seen anything like it. I have folders of designs I have drawn since I was a girl.


Hope you liked it! Let me know how your crafting goes, send me a message/pic on
facebook and you could be featured on my page. :)
Have a Safe and Glamorous Holiday!
Happy 4th of July!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Beauty Addiction Mini Haul Video

Milk Chocolate from the Molten Metals Collection and Glamozn Sugar Babies Lip Glaze

Watch ME!

Pressed Glitter Palettes Post:

I did each eye swatch with no base and black liner on the waterlines and black mascara, just blended the color to the brow.
The more you add of the pigment the bighter the shade, you can wear moderately or dramatically.
Great for a variety of looks.

Molten Minerals Collection

Sugar Babies GLAMAZON

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Glitz N Glam Cosmetics Review

I got the pleasure to check out a new cosmetics line called Glitz N Glam Cosmetics.
I just have to dish! This is such a cute new line!
I tested out 5 mineral shadows from the I-Lites Collection,
information about each product and price is available on the website
Please check out the video to see the products I tried, my thoughts, and a tutorial look using these cosmetics. Thank you!

Nice Full Jars and fun names!
Each shade was shimmery and a beautiful unique blend!

It is hard to choose a favorite but I'd have to be a tie between the top shade
Sassy and the fourth shade Lust. They both are shades I haven't came across yet.
Great addition to my bag.

Grace from the I-Lites Collection. Peachy Orange with green and orange shimmers.
Jazzy from the I-Lites Collection. Lavender shade with pink and blue shimmers.
Lust from the I-Lites Collection. Burnt Orange with red shimmer.
Envy from the I-Lites Collection. Blue Green/Aqua Shade with turquoise shimmer.
Sassy from the I-Lites Collection. Purple/Sangria shade with green and red shimmers. Beautiful!!
All are so beautiful and a great addition to my collection.
Check out Glitz N Glam Cosmetics

Stay Glamorous,
xo Lindsay

Friday, June 8, 2012


      When I was younger, I always loved the huge hand painted sign across the corner of Clinton and Fort St alongside a brick building overlooking the Clinton St bridge. Everyone seen it and knew it was there. It was huge and said, "Defiance, A Great Place to Live". Years ago the building suffered a devasting fire that destroyed the entire thing unfortunatly, but is still an ever clear inspiration in my mind. I always wanted to be an artist and wanted to be able to have an opportunity to do something that awesome someday. I would still like to hand paint something like that for my city but until then I did a makeup look. The original idea for this look was I wanted to do something that would be inspired from my home town Defiance, Ohio.

    The name Defiance means a lot to me as well.
Defiance is a noun that defined means the act or example of defying; a bold resistence to an opposing force or authority. To challenge, resist, and regard.
I like to think I wasn't born here and still here for no reason, because everything and everyone has a purpose in this world. This all helps me to keep it in mind to not hold back and defy expectations. The founder of my town said (Anthony Wayne) "I defy the English, Indians, and all the devils of hell to take it." I couldn't be more inspired. I like to live like each day could be my last and I have a lot in here to give before I'm done.

    I wanted my look to display the colors, name, and flavor I think my town has. I have seen many artists do graffitti looks on their face, lips, eyes and had to have a look like that for my portfolio as well as an inspired piece of my town. Defiance, Ohio.

Maybe this will inspire your own graffitti look. <3

Stay Glamorous,
Lindsay xo