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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DIY: Glitter Party Shoes

LOVE is all I can say, I want to paint all my shoes this way!!!!

What I Used:
Jo-Ann Fabrics Essentials Glitter- MULTI
Jo-Ann Fabrics Tulip Metallics Soft Fabric Paint- PLATINUM METALLIC
Fabric Paint Brush
Paper Towels
Tote or something to catch the fall out glitter
Pair of Shoes
 Black Nail Polish

There is enough glitter and paint here for at the LEAST 5 pairs of shoes,
and even with a lot of glitter left over.

I made a pair of earrings to match! I like these so much I am making a few pairs to put in my Facebook shop: Be Glamorous By Lindsay.
Here is a pair of flats that I used the same glitter on. <3

Stay Glamorous,
Lindsay xoxo

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Blue and Pink Christmas Hair and Makeup Tutorial

This is the first look from my Holiday Series of hair and makeup tutorials. I will sharing looks that compliment your holiday outfits! <3

Products I Used for this Look:
My Beauty Addiction
Shadow Poxy
Shadows: Ballroom Blitz, Blue Bird
Lip Glaze: Candy Baby

ELF Brushes and Bronzer

NYX Pencil Milk

Loreal Volume Mascara

LA Colors Dark Brown Pencil and Light Powder

WetNWild Foundation Beige and Concealer Light

What I Used:
Aussie Hair Spray
Bobby Pins
Hair Band
Hair Flower
Stay Glamorous, Lindsay xoxo

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I'm Getting Sunburned 2

I love my WetNWild Palettes, I had to do another look with them, they are so pigmented and fun!
Check out the video for more!

What I Used:

WetNWild Cosmetics:
I'm Getting Sunburned Palette 334
Mega Volume Mascara
910D Lipstick
Smokey Star Eye Crayon
Mega Eyes Defining Marker Black
Foundation Beige
Concealer Light

LA Colors Cosmetics:
Powder Light
Dark Brown Pencil

Kupcake Kutie Bronzer

Stay Glamorous,
xo Lindsay

Friday, November 18, 2011

PROFUSION Review and Tutorial

Must Read>> Profusion Cosmetics Pearl Eyeshadow Palettes!

Christmas is right around the corner and I will be sharing more and more AFFORDABLE hot finds! I recently recieved 2 Profusion Pearl Eyeshadow palettes. Each palette had different shades and I will swatch the other palette when I am done with this one. They consist of 20 shades ranging from matte to shimmer. I was absolutly AMAZED on the color payout, these palettes are only
$1 from Dollar Tree.<<<<<

  I have read a couple other reviews from MAC lovers and they say that this compares to MACs pearl shadows which you and I know those are super expensive!! Profusion is about to come up as a NEW competitor to WetNWild and LA Colors even thought they have been here for ahile, which means their products are very cheap now, but I expect them to increase in the future because of the quality!! There are I believe 6 different palettes, I plan to get the rest, if you all leave me some, I usually don't share until I get my whole collection, but whatever. :)If its meant to be, then it will be. Anyways, These are MICAS, so they are very bright, long lasting, and BEAUTIFUL! I highly recommend these! They are AWESOME stocking stuffers for that makeup lover!! I will be sharing a cool makeup look with this little baby, so come back later!! ♥
(Shown and Swatched with a white base is Palette #1)

. Check out the video for more!

What I Used:

Profusion 20 Pearl Shadow Palette #1: Greens, Blues, Black

WetNWild: White Pencil, Foundation Beige, Concealer Light, Lipstick 547B

LA Colors Dark Brown Pencil, Powder Nude

Loreal Mascara

Kupcake Kutie Bronzer and Eye Fix

Stay Glamorous,
xoxo Lindsay

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Alter Ego Cosmetics

I was recently introduced to a fun new mineral cosmetics company called ALTER EGO Cosmetics.
Check out my video for more info!

Check Alter Ego Cosmetics out for yourself :)

Stay Glamorous,
xo Lindsay

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

DECADES SERIES: 1940s Rosie the Rivertor

1940s is next up on my series for the decades. The looks started to revert from the 30s Glam to a more natural wearable look. The war started and more women had to pin back their hair and get to work. Check out my video for more!

What I Used:

Haute Luxxor Eyeshadow: Addiction
Sugarpill Burning Heart Palette: yellow shade

WetnWild Foundation Beige, Black Volume Mascara, and Concealer Light

LA Colors Dark Brown Pencil, Light Powder, Lipstick Cherry Red

Kupcake Kutie Bronzer

ELF Brushes and Liquid Liner

NYX Pencil Milk

Stay Glamorous,
xo Lindsay

Friday, November 11, 2011


1930s is next up for this series, I channeled Old Hollywood for this one and glamorous were the times. Makeup started to become very popular and dramatic polished "Starlet" looks were all the rage.
Check out my video for more info.

What I Used:
Wet N Wild Foundation Beige and Concealer Light

LA Colors Powder Light and Dark Brown Pencil

My Beauty Addiction Blush: Color Me Mauve
ELF Beauty Book: Bright Eyes Edition Summer 2011

Sigma Beauty Brushes

Loreal Volume Mascara

Almay Lipstick #4


Stay Glamorous,
xo Lindsay

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thanksgiving with My Beauty Addiction

Happy Thanksgiving!! <3

What I Used:

My Beauty Addiction
Shadow Poxy
Shadows: Black, Nougat, Mocha Diamonds, Red Hot, Emberglow, Hunter, and Sphinx
Lipstick: Coral Crush
Lip Palette: Bronzeberry/Frosted Bronze
Blush: Spiced Apricot

Kupcake Kutie Cosmetics
Eye Fix Base
Pro Brow Kit

Elf Brushes, Lashes, and Black Pencil

Loreal Volume Mascara

Sigma Brushes

See more on Facebook

Stay Glamorous,
xo Lindsay

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Roaring 20s Hair and Makeup Tutorial: Decades Series

Roaring 20s

Well as you can see from the title I am going to be teaching the decades. I feel if you can master the decades of makeup you can really learn from all of those techinques to create your own unique looks for today. I got started with the 20s, big doe-like eyes and small deep blowing a kiss lips for the makeup, and simple yet runway like hair. I hope you enjoy.

This look was done for a photo shoot with Bella Luce Photography studio that I particpated in
and I invite you to see the final look!!

What I Used:

WetnWild Foundation Beige, Lipstick 508A and Concealer Light

LA Colors Loose Powder Light and Chocolate Pencil

My Beauty Addiction
Shadow Poxy Base
Black, White, Coffee Liqueor Shadows
Color Me Mauve Blush

Loreal Volume Mascara

Sigma Brushes

Nyx Pencil Milk

Elf black pencil and Brushes

Stay tuned for the rest of this series :) xo

Stay Glamorous,
xo Lindsay