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Friday, May 29, 2015

Rainbow Hair

Hello My Glamorous Friends!
I freshened up my hair using some awesome washable hair colors from Splat Hair Color. 
Check out the entire collection of shades. I love them and have used them for years. They are available online in drugstores and at your local drugstore.

Here is my transformation photo:

I personally find Splat Hair Color products easy to use. Here are some tips I came up with based off questions people have asked and what I would think a new person to bleach and 
color needs to know. 

- I used two boxes of bleach to lighten my dark colored raspberry ombre hair. I then deep conditioned my hair and left it blonde for two days before I added more color or washed it again. Let your natural oils come back after bleaching it helps and avoid all hot tools and hair dryers. If you need to shape your hair when it's bleached try sponge curlers and go "marilyn monroe" with your style for a couple days. :D  

-If you are bleaching already colored hair, think of it as a wall that was painted and you need to change the colors but not the entire wall is painted, so don't bleach your entire head from root to tip, its a process and needs to be treated as such, bleaching is NOT a one step process for dark hair.

- Keep in mind bleach is a corrosive substance and to use as little as you can to avoid damage.  New growth, your roots, and your ends are the easiest to bleach, they will easily and very quickly be affected by the bleach, so start by bleaching the middle of your hair shaft if you have precolored hair. Stay away from the roots and the ends. Rinse and let dry, then do your roots and ends and any spots you may have missed. Then you are more then likely to have an acceptable canvas for vivid hair color shades. 

-Bleaching your hair at home is not for everyone, it takes practice just like doing anything for yourself, but it IS achievable. 

I used Splat Hair Colors: 
Kelly's Blue/Neon Green/Purple Desire/Lemon Drop/Orange Fireballs/Cherry Pop/
Pink Fetish/ Blue Crush

A windy rainbow, yay!! <3 

Video Here:

Stay Glamorous,
xo Lindsay 

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