Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Double Lash Glam Makeup Tutorial

Hello My Glamorous Friends! Welcome Back! Today I have a makeup tutorial using some cool products I got this month. Check them out below. :D 

I love this kit, its got a Mascara guard and eyelash curler refills!!!! <3 <3 <3 
Lookout Lashes on Amazon.

GORGEOUS Matte Red shade, One of my Top Glam Picks for a RED Lip :D 
20% off Code: BeGlamByLindsay2015

Thick black mascara, lengthens the lashes.

10% off Discount Code: LDK31

Multifunctional twistable eyebrow pen and brush. Blends wonderfully on its own and with other shades of color. 

10% off Discount Code: LDK31

Creamy smooth black twistable pencil in a cool leopard print design.
10% off Discount Code: LDK31

Top and bottom lashes in one kit! They are super affordable and have many designs available!! 
I love these, I am on my way to order more as soon as I finish this post. ;) 

10% off Discount Code: LDK31

I love my Cozzette brushes, they are multifunctional and always give me the ability to handle any makeup job big or small. Check out the site for lots of amazing cozzette makeup products. :D

I LOVE this face product!! Rose Hip Seed Oil from Pura D or

Here is the shadow pattern from my tutorial This is a great BOLD neutral palette :D 

Here is the tutorial! Come back soon xo

Stay Glamorous,
xo Lindsay


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