Thursday, October 18, 2012

My new stuff from Jujubeads Jewelry and Cosmetics

 I got some new things from Jujubeads Jewelry and Cosmetics. The products are always so unique and beautiful. This kind of jewelry ALWAYS gets you compliments and asked where did you get it??
 New colors to add to my Jujubeads Cosmetics collection! So pretty!!!
 Blaze- shimmery neutral orange with sparkles
 Goddess- Shimmery neutral deep green with sparkles
 Pride-Shimmery neutral purple with sparkles
 Pure- Shimmey neutral warm white with sparkles
 Tranquil-Shimmery neutral lilac pink with sparkles
 Wasted Hottie- Shimmery neutral pink with sparkles
 Golden Light- I love the matte finish of this full coverage powder. Great product!
 Adorable little pair of <3
 These are absolutly darling, so perfect!
 I <3 Owls!
 Pierced and Cuff!

 I love the details!
This is LOOOOVVE at first sight!!!!

 I created a look for my owl earrings using some Jujubeads Cosmetics.
I used Mineral Shadows: Creamy, Pride, and Pearl Knight
Mineral Foundation: Golden Light
Lippie: Barbie
I'm a happy girl! :)
Stay Glamorous,
xo Lindsay

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