Monday, March 30, 2015

Wolfe FX Hydrocolor Rainbow Cake and Looks

Hello My Glamorous Friends! Welcome Back! 
Today I have this dope rainbow facepaint palette that I just started getting addicted too. I actually bought this one in New York either last year or the year before at IMATS and finally got around to playing with it. I love collecting rainbowish items and this was a perfect little starter to a facepaint collection. This is where you can find this paintwheel online:

Is all you do is get the paint wet slightly with water. I hold it at an angle so the water drips downwards so you don't get a mixture of all the colors. Only use a little bit of water at a time. I usually start out with a white cosmetic base then add the paint to the top of it. 
Super vivid colors and blendable. 

That's all I've done so far, I'll be back with more pics of me playing around with this  palette :D

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