Friday, March 20, 2015

DIY: Evil Eye LBD

Hello My Glamorous Friends, Welcome Back! Today I have a dress idea for you. I'm not an expert seamstress but I do like to play with my sewing machine and have tons of dress ideas I have created on paper over my lifetime. I thought to myself, might as well try this kind of post and it adds more rainbow and fun to my blog. :D  I love the history of the "evil eye" and collect many 'eye' related items. I have this prized rainbow evil eye bracelet that actually inspired this idea. The evil eye is a symbol to ward off bad energies and to bring protection. Each color represents a different kind of protection and luck. That's why I stick to the rainbow of evil eyes. :D 

First I bought a used dress from my local goodwill. I picked a velvet dress. 

I simply drew my pattern for the eyes on paper and cut them out. 

I love craft felt, I feel like the velvet and felt are a close match in texture for this project instead of using any other fabric. I wanted to created something more 3D and besides the felt is colorful and cheap! <3 I used these to make the 'iris' for the evil eyes. 

I drew and cut out 2 of each color. You need 24.

I used 1 piece of felt for 3 eye shapes. You need 24.

I drew and cut out 24 pupils. 

Now you need to attach the pupil to the iris.

I used a square stitch to attach them together. 

Now cut out all the eye shapes and stitch them to the iris' with a square shape in the middle. 

 Hot glue the iris' to the eye shape, leaving a little edge to flip up when you sew the eyes to the dress.

Arrange the colors as you like, pin them down, I tried to keep it a basic spectrum. 

When sewing them on stay close to the edge of the eye, hold up the iris to hid the stitch. If too much of the iris isn't glued down, just add more glue. :D That's all you have to do. 
This took me around 4 hours to do. Fun Fun!

Stay Glamorous,
xo Lindsay 

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