Thursday, April 24, 2014

Frida's Basket

I've always been inspired by Frida and today's look really reminded
me of her and a basket of flowers so here is Frida's Basket.
I adorned my hair with similar colored flowers as the ones
 on my dress. I pulled my hair into a ponytail type bun.

My bag is beaded and reminds me of those hanging baskets from
the 70s people would make for their hanging
Wearing a dress like this is such a simple way to be comfortable yet glam. I love a good maxi dress and the jean jacket is a staple for every spring wardrobe.
My jewelry is simple costume gold pieces, just a few pieces because the pattern on the dress and the adorned hair is already busy and an accessory in itself.
I don't like wearing heels or wedges with a long dress like this, you can get away with wearing cute flats. I found these vintage 'basket' style flats out thrifting. They are super comfortable and the perfect ending to this outfit.

I went light on the makeup this time but added my green contacts this time to
add more spice to such a simple look.
Glamorous Chicks Eyeshadows: Arend/ Solar and Glitter: Baby Pink
COZZETTE Brushes: D275/D250/P370/S165/P345/P340/P300/S120/S135

Flower Basket Nails with my nail pens <3

Thank you for stopping by!! Stay Glamorous,
xo Lindsay
Instagram: BGBLindsay

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