Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Floral Engagement

Hello my Glamorous Friends!
I love myself a good fashion comeback and this time I chose the crop top!!
Last year when I was pregnant, my goal was to be in one of these
this spring so here is my Floral Engagement. <3 
I chose to wear this basic black crop top with a vintage skirt that buttons
at the smallest of the waist for just a hint of skin.
I love to just spin around in a skirt like this! I found this out thrift shopping and it was so
colorful I thought must be meant to be. <3
Where there is a rainbow, there is a way. <3
Peep toe pumps and a simple green clutch is all this outfit needs.
Super simple, I love a classic feminine look for most springtime outings.
I finished off this look with a floral statement necklace and green earrings.
Makeup time!! <3

Brows> Med Concealer/UD Smoked Palette shade
Backdoor/Cozzette Brushes: P370/P345/D250
Eyes> MBA Cosmetics Shadows: Lava Flow/Papaya Punch/
Aloha Rose/Hawaiian Tropics/Bahama Mama/Island Sunshine/Kiwi Kiss
MBA Cosmetics Shadow Poxy Base
Cozzette Brushes: D230/D250/D225/S165/P350/S185
Face> MBA Cosmetics Liquid Foundation 3W/ MBA Cosmetics Light Concealer/ MBA Cosmetics Loose Powder #6/ MBA Cosmetics Blush: Berry Cool/ MBA Cosmetics Bronzer: Goddess
Cozzette Brushes: P340/P300/S135/S140/S125
Lips: MBA Cosmetics A-List

I went for the quick french twist in this look. Its been a minute and I thought wow
why am I not wearing this more!
I hope you have a glamorous day,
xo Lindsay

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