Saturday, November 2, 2013



 Hope you are enjoying the weather, I know I am. Fall is so beautiful!

 Black Fedora (Target) and 'inspired' Rosary Necklace (Claires)
 Gold Glitter Sugar Skull Dress (H&M) and Gold Infused Cable Knit Sweater (St. John's Bay)
 Dolce & Gabbana Leather "wild flower" bag
 Fahrenheit "Doris"
 What I Used:
My Beauty Addiction
Shadows: Smut/Orion/Golden Tiara
Sparkle Dust: Gold
Dazzle Dust: Fantasy
Bronzer: Sunkissed Glow
Blush: Sierra
Lipstick: Nude (mixed with a bit of Gold Sparkle Dust)


Have a Glamorous Day!
xo, Lindsay
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  1. Okay, trying to not sound pervy here but I have to know, what do you wear underneath this dress?! It looks awesome on you! I got the same dress from a friend and it's super sheer 0.0 everything shows! Do you wear a slip, nude or white undergarments with it?