Tuesday, November 5, 2013


 Autumn has rainbows, right?! I don't know, probably, but I felt like wearing a dark
 outfit today and thought the perfect pop of color is rainbow. My beauty mark dot got a little big and turned into a star, which now reminds me of Rainbow Brite. YAY! <3  
For this look I turned to My Beauty Addiction again because the colors always make me happy and are easy to use with the best color payoff. They blend so nice together too. Today I used the Starburst Collection: The Basics. It is some of the prettiest shadows MBA has and if you grab the whole collection you save a lot of cash. One thing the 'muas' at MBA like to do is make different lip looks with a couple of lipsticks. Today I combined VooDoo and Violetta! I like a dark lip. <3

My Beauty Addiction
Shadows: Snapple/Lemon Drop/After Party/V.I.Pink/Blue Carrauco/Agent Orange
(Starbursts:The Basics Collection)
Shadow Poxy
Blush: Sierra
Lipsticks: Voodoo/Violetta

Keek Clip: 
This is my outfit today. I tend to always
 wear a lot of black and gray clothes in the fall.
 Dark metals and rhinestones and skulls are the accessories today.
 I love my skull biker jacket!! Goes with everything and gives that
instant 'badass' feeling inside..hahha.
 Plaid is all over the place this fall,
I opted for it in a bag. I found this on clearance for $3 at Walmart.. oohh yeahh..
another piece that can go with so many outfits. <3
 When I seen these leggings I instantly stopped in my tracks and went back to a place in my childhood and thought I used to collect these kitty stickers that look just like these leggings!!!!!
They have to be mine. This logo is a company from China called Sugar & Babe. I am most definately grabbing up more items with this logo. <3
 How to rake your yard without a rake: Wear these shoes.. hahha..
I love the metallic look to these shoes and of coarse all the spikes..
 another piece that gives me that 'badass' feeling inside. <3
Stay Glamorous,
xo Lindsay

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