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Sunday, September 24, 2023

DIY Upcycle TShirt + Bed Sheet into Dress


This is my first time, be kind. I decided to dust off my old sewing machine because I’ve been wanting to use this sheet I accidentally bought and some of the old shirts the kids grew out of. So this is just an upcycle of an old tshirt and twin bed sheet. 

I think it’s super cute and my kids thought it was great.  It’s a comfortable airy house dress. It ended up being very simple to do if you have basic seeing machine skills. I like I said haven’t touched a sewing machine in years. So just grab an elastic bed sheet for a twin bed, cut each corner. It will be a rectangle with two obvious strips for sleeves, Cut off straight across the top and bottom pieces for the sleeves and the rest for the skirt. There will be fabric left over depending on how mych length you desire. I’m a size large in women’s and chesty and this boys tee of XL was a perfect bodice shape and cut for this dress. It’s definitely inspiring me to play with my sewing machine more. #diyfashion #bedsheetdress #supermariodress #tshirtdress #upcyclefashion

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