Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Beat Saber | NEW FREE MUSIC PACK | $1.78 - Schwank | MetaQuest2

The update has another treat for players in the form of new mechanics known as Arc and Chain Notes. Arcs appear as thin lines that help guide you through certain block patterns. And Chains represent a new type of block, one that’s split into several smaller sections. To earn points for completing a Chain, you must slash through all of its pieces.

Those who like to make custom beatmaps will also have a brand-new lighting system to play with, including 136 lasers that can be individually controlled through the level editor.

Update (March 8th, 2022): The new OST 5 music pack adds six new songs to Beat Saber’s music library. Here’s the song list:

  • Schwank: “$1.78”
  • EEWK: “’Curtains (All Night Long)”
  • Camellia: “Final-Boss-Chan”
  • Tanger: “Firestarter”
  • The Living Tombstone: “I Wanna Be A Machine”
  • Jaroslav Beck feat. Meredith Bull: “Magic”

Beat Saber | NEW FREE MUSIC PACK | $1.78 - Schwank | MetaQuest2 

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