Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Amkiri VISUAL FRAGRANCE : Scented Stencil Tattoo Kits

AMKIRI is beauty without boundaries - a patented ink infused with an exhilarating fragrance that's a temporary tattoo and a perfume all wrapped into one. AMKIRI began when our founder Shoval Shavit Shapiro had a simple idea: "if perfume is our signature, why not make it visible?" What followed was a journey of innovation bridging the gap between design studies at Shenkar College of Engineering and a passion for street style fostered through a year of study at Berlin University of the Arts, UDK. Combining elements of design, art, and beauty and fueled by the Shavit family's unique beauty heritage (Shoval's mother is a lifetime cosmetics expert), AMKIRI was born: a first-of-its-kind product that combines scent and sight to create a ritual like no other. We created AMKIRI because we're all about inspiring you to make the invisible visible - and bring your truest self to light. Use our Ink De Parfum and stencil collections to bring endless creativity and multisensory self-expression to your daily ritual. Paint on some AMKIRI to elevate your look today, and wash it off to reinvent yourself tomorrow. No rules, no limits, no pressure - just AMKIRI and your imagination.


AMKIRI is a patented Perfumed Ink that is scientifically formulated to paint on smoothly and dry quickly, leaving behind a crisp temporary tattoo design that lasts 24+ hours and an energizing scent that lasts for 12+ hours.

When you're ready to reinvent your look, just wash it off with a little soap and voilĂ  - you're all set to start fresh. 


  • AMKIRI Perfumed Ink 0.16 fl oz - in Charcoal - up to 100 uses. 
  • Includes a basic stencil collection with 48+ stencils.

  • The Original Scent
  • Exhilarating. Energizing. Clean. Notes of peppermint, ginger, and juniper layer with musky, woody undertones and a hint of lush aquatic flowers to create a rush to the senses. AMKIRI's blend of natural ingredients layers with your body's own unique chemistry for a complex, unisex scent that unfolds as you wear it. This is fragrance that's meant to be lived in. The scent truly lasts even after the tattoo comes off. 

Tips + Tricks
  • Gently shake the AMKIRI Wand to ensure the tip is fully covered with ink. Apply sticker stencil design firmly & evenly on a clean patch of skin.
  • Paint Visual Fragrance™ in from outside edges of the stencil towards the center.
  • Wait only 10 seconds for the ink to set before you peel off the stencil. 
  • (The goal is not to let the ink dry on the stencil.)
  • Be sure to peel the stencil off in the same direction of the shape. (For example: if an arrow design is pointing to the left, peel to the left!)
  • If you get some AMKIRI outside the lines, moisten a cotton swab and blot around the design.
  • You can even use the the top of The Wand as a hard edge for definition.
  • Allow AMKIRI 3 minutes to dry. 
  • Avoid friction or contact for 15 minutes to reveal even better results!
  • Store AMKIRI in a cool place out of direct sunlight.
  • A simple makeup wipe can clean up the edges or a badly printed design.
  • This is a great idea for bridal parties, matching mini tattoos!! 
  • The stencils are reusable and if you place it somewhere on the skin, it can be easily taken off and placed elsewhere. 
  • You can use these stencils for basically any makeup product and are a great addition to your kit! 

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