Thursday, May 28, 2020

Yandy Haul : The worst lingerie company on the planet!

Yandy is probably one of the worst places online to buy sexy things and lingerie. Check out this shit. 
I was VERY disappointed in this company, I really wanted to do a fun haul and try on video but I have no idea what the hell happened here.!

The packaging was dirty and all beat to hell on 
the outside and inside that I didn't bother to take pics of it!! FAIL #1

This set above is cute at first but its missing a garter strap!!! FAIL #2

Size says it is a Small/Medium but clearly an Extra Small or something 
smaller with a 30 inch chest size?! This is as far as the elastic stretches!
Fail #3

Again 30 inch hip size, no bigger?! This must be a joke?!
Fail #4

This is the worst part! These are so tiny like made for someone with 25 inch hips?! HAHA 

When I opened this I had no idea what it even was, I did NOT order this thing.
I looked it up on the website and its for bondage!!
 I'm pretty sure this isn't the quality bondage people want. HAHA!! 
Very cheap material! FAIL #6

This bra was OK but overpriced and hella BORING!!!! 

Here are the mirco panties that are even smaller 
then the ones above that came with this 36D bra!!
Are these a keychain or something? FAIL #7

This is a pretty set, just sent the wrong size to me!! 
36 C is not gonna work sadly, good try! Going to give these away, 
if you read this post and want them, comment below!!

I was overall 99.9% unsatisfied with my order. BUYER BEWARE!!
Amazon lingerie was a better hit then this store! 

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