Saturday, January 12, 2019

Raja Kumari

Svetha Rao (born January 11, 1986), professionally known as Raja Kumari is an Indian American songwriterrapper and recording artist from Claremont, California.[1][2] Kumari is best known for her collaboration with notable artists including Gwen StefaniIggy AzaleaFifth Harmony,[3] Knife Party, and Fall Out Boy.[4][5] She is also notable for receiving as a songwriter, the BMI Pop Awards in 2016,[6][7] being nominated to a Grammy award in February 2015,[8] and featuring on BBC Asian Network programme Bobby Friction on July 5, 2016.[9]

Kumari holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in religious studies, with an emphasis on South Asian religions. She is an Indian classical dancer who started dancing at the age of 7. While in fifth grade, Kumari discovered hip hop through the Fugees' album The Score. By the age of 14, she was a noticed freestyle MC known as “Indian Princess” (IP) or “Raja Kumari”. During her artist career, she has contributed to several philanthropic activities through her performances including the creation of a hospital in Bangalore and a meditation hall in South India for the Vegesna Foundation, a school for children with physical disabilities. As a result, Kumari has been recognized as a benefactor by the Foundation for IndicPhilosophy and Culture (Indic Foundation) and has been honored with the Kohinoor Award for excellence in the Classical Arts by the Governor of Tamil Nadu.[10]

Kumari co-wrote, featured in or performed background vocals in a number of notable songs including Fall Out Boy’s double-platinum single “Centuries”, "Change Your Life" feat. T.I.Vicetone's “Don't You Run”,[11] Brave Enough by Lindsey Stirling, "Set Me Free" for Baz Luhrmann's original Netflix series The Get Down about the birth of Hip Hop and Iggy Azalea's Grammy-nominated album The New Classic. She has also contributed to songs in albums by Gwen Stefani, Fifth Harmony (Reflection), Twin Shadow, and Dirty South. Recently she released her debut solo single "Mute" featuring Elvis Brown and produced by Jules Wolfson at Epic Records.[2][9][12] which premiered on Paper Magazine's website. In May 2016, Kumari was honored at the 2016 BMI Pop Awards for co-writing the song "Centuries" with Fall Out Boy.[6][7][13] In addition, she has a recording contract with Epic Records through L.A. Reid and collaborated with several players in the music industry, including artists Polow Da DonJ.R. RotemTimbalandRodney JerkinsSoulshock and Karlin, Tricky Stewart and The-Dream, Justin Tranter and Fernando Garibay.[14] She has also been inspired in her music style by the Indian composer and producer A. R. Rahman.[2] In 2018, she co-wrote and performed the song titled 'Roots' in collaboration with Divine.[15]

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