Tuesday, November 7, 2017

NEWJOB: Sephora Makeup Advisor/Color Consultant

Hello My Glamorous Friends! 
As you can tell my 100 day challenge got put on a delay because, guess what?! I am now working for Sephora as a Makeup Advisor/Color Consultant! I am so happy to be apart of this team and to be apart of one of the greatest cosmetics companies out there. Yesterday was my first day or my "onboarding" is what they call it, it's basically a super cool orientation. I was in there with five other ladies and learned so much about Sephora. It was really inspiring and made me feel confident for success. Everyone that works there was genuinely nice and seemed really happy to be there. I'm really excited to learn and get more in touch literally with the latest trends and brands. I will be doing makeovers and demos in the store... please see the store for details on makeovers, bc hey it's my first day and I'm not 100 on those details yet but I will for sure be advertising it as soon as I know. I can NOT wait to do my first face. Anyways, here are the details of my look that I wore for my first day.

I am wearing MBA Cosmetics chomolights pressed glitter Rainbow Confetti
Sugarpill Burning Heart Palette
Lunatick Labs  White Primer
Glamorous Chicks Cosmetics Award Show Matte Lip Gloss

Thank you so much for stopping by, check back soon.
xo Lindsay 

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