Tuesday, April 21, 2015

How To Make Bright Hair Colors and Rainbow Hair Tutorial

Hello My Glamorous Friends! I finally went back to rainbow hair and this time I had time to film it. I used my trusty Splat hair colors but didn't have enough time to order other colors or go out to the stores to look for them. Today I am going to show you how to create ANY color you want at home with things that you have access too no matter how small of a town you live in. I like to use these colors as fillers because they aren't as bright as the hair dyes, but help blend the color together, so I call them fillers. <3

 I personally do not have access to wild hair colors but through splat at my local walmart and walgreens and the stores don't carry all the colors, so this is my small town way of getting the colors I want NOW! I have no idea if anyone else has done this or if I am revealing a secret here but you can use food coloring directly on your hair. I needed a bright red, bright yellow, and bright orange to complete my rainbow hair. I simply applied the yellow dye directly to my hair and rubbed it in with a lil dab of conditioner. It stained! YES! I then took cream developer (the white creamy liquid in the bottle that comes in any hair dye kit) and mixed it with food coloring to create the colors I needed and painted them onto my hair the same way I would use my splat. It worked! Remember to rinse with cold water to keep those colors bold. I am so happy and super stoked! I have rainbow hair again! <3
Check out my full tutorial and see how I did this. :D

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