Thursday, February 26, 2015

Rebounding: My Mini Trampoline Workout

Hello My Glamorous Friends, welcome back! Today I am sharing with you a fitness post. 
A couple of years ago I vlogged about my new workout equipment and since have been asked about my routine and progress. I am happy to say, I am still doing it and completely love to jump. 
Whenever I feel down, I love to turn on some music and just jump!! It's also nice because of its physical health benefits to keep my body toned and in shape. I am not a health professional or fitness instructor so make sure you consult a doctor before trying any new workout. 
Here are some facts I found about trampolining/rebounding. <3

"Rebound exercise is the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man." -NASA

-Using the trampoline takes up to 80% off the stress of your weight-bearing joints. 
-Using a trampoline is a wonderful option for seniors, physically-challenged, those recuperating from accidents or injuries. It’s also excellent exercise for those who have been sedentary and are starting an exercise programme.
-a ten minute bounce is the same as a half hour run
-Stimulates your metabolism.
-Increases oxygen capacity.

-Improves your sense of balance.
-Increases oxygen circulation to tissues.
-Improves the circulation of the lymph through the lymph glands
-Strengthens the heart (Cardiovascular health)
-Increases energy and sense of vitality
-Firms and tones the muscles

There are SOO many more benefits to this type of exercise and ways to make it more challenging. Google away if you need more information <3 

Here are a few of the exercises I like to do on my trampoline. I am not an expert or even know the proper exercise terms, this is just what Lindsay does. <3 

The first thing I like to do is stretch and use my trampoline as a stepper and work up my heart a little. 

I like to hop on one foot, equally to both sides.

This is nice resistance for kicking legs side to side and front to back. 

I like to jump as hard and as high as I can in one spot. I also love running and jogging while bouncing <3 

Jumping jacks are much more fun when you can jump high! <3 

I love to do my squats, jumping while doing them is that much more intense.

Jump switching feet from front to back. 

Jump side to side. 

Sometimes I like to just jump and spin around kicking and punching like a ninja.

 Kick backs and bouncing keeps the buns tight <3 

 Bouncing and twists with strong arms.

 Front and side scissors.

Side twist crunches. 


There are SOOO many other exercises you can do on a trampoline. There are many workout videos as well as trampoline fitness facilities nationwide. Have fun jumping! <3
Thanks for stopping by!
Stay Glamorous,
xo Lindsay

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  2. Whenever I feel down, I love to turn on some music and just jump!! It's also nice because of its physical health benefits to keep my body toned and in shape.

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