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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Glam Ahoy

Hello My Glamorous Friends! I am back with another fun makeup and outfit post.
Glam Ahoy was inspired by super dope thrift store pants. I thought they were the perfect
pant for a casual glam outdoor look. Most of today's outfit is vintage, I am more of an artist when it comes to my looks and once I feel an outfit is complete its shared even if it takes awhile to gather all the perfect pieces. This one took only a few years.. haha :D
I wrapped a vintage scarf into a headband that my grandma gave me when I was young, it is always windy near the water and the blue tinted aviators are the perfect extra amount of blue on top to balance out the bottom. :D

I have created another crop top with an old tube top that was just
not long enough anymore and all stretched out. Now it's still good!! Thanks to my sewing.. hahaha
Who doesn't want a picture like this.. Thank you GOD!
Start Where You Are! Use What You Have! Do What You Can! -Arthur Ashe
That's my mentality all the time, use the things you already have around you, my favorite challenge.

Products Used:
Glamorous Chicks Cosmetics
Shadow Solar with Glitters Angelic White and Caribbean Blue
Matte Lipstick: Marilyn
Glamorous Chicks Beauty Box eyelashes

(20% Off Code: BGByLindsay2014)

My Beauty Addiction Black Gel Liner

Cozzette Brushes S165/S175/D230/S120

Smart Bomb Cosmetics Ultimate Eyeliner Ninja

Benefit Powda Wowza Blush/Bronzer

My Clutch is another vintage find and the jewelry is 2009 Avon.
 This was such a blast to create. Come back soon!!

 Stay Glamorous,
xo Lindsay

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