Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Gothic Lolita Doll Look/Photoshoot

Hello my Glamorous Friends!! I have been diving into more modeling lately and I found it the perfect opportunity to express some of my more costume type makeup looks. This is a look I am considering for this Halloween :D
Products Used:
Cozzette Brushes
Lunatick Labs AlieNeon Palette
Lit Cosmetics Lit Kit and Glitter Champange Wishes

Sugarpill Burning Heart Palette
MAC Dollymix Blush
WetnWild Lipstick 514A
For this shoot the photographer showed me Michelle Phan's Gothic Lolita Doll and I said,
piece of cake! I created my entire look with my own twist.
 I added a girly lolita touch with the snow leopard print, pearls, and lace.
I created all the props & accessories. I also styled the wig.
I had on 3 dresses for this shoot and clinched my waist with a large belt. I liked the contrast of the prints, it stayed girly yet dark. I had on 3 socks on one leg and 4 on the other thanks to The Savvy Sock. Layers, layers, layers.
Check out my video of the entire shoot.

Stay Glamorous,

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