Wednesday, January 22, 2014

THE BEST NAIL ART PENS EVER!!: Simply Spoiled Beauty Products Review

I have found a terrific little set of nail art polishes from Simply Spoiled Beauty Products. This set blew my mind. It's a 2 in 1 nail polishes/pens that will help you achieve those fine nail art looks.
It comes in a set of a gorgeous rainbow of shades.
Everything arrived in a quick amount of time and everyhing was secure inside.
So many shades!! So many endless IDEAS for nail art!!
Thin brush on one end for painting or lines!
The bottle is squeezable so you can use the dotting pen for more details and dots!!
This little set is so perfect, I love doing nail art and this cuts the time in
half and without the cleanup of different nail nails too!! 

 Here are a couple of quick looks I did.. I could NOT wait to bust these babies open :D

Simply Spoiled would like to offer my fans a
special discount code: beglam for 30% off
of your entire purchase Shipping is only $5! :)
Nail Art Pen Set >>


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