Thursday, May 23, 2013

My latest looks: 9 Fun Eye Arts

Hello my Glamorous friends!
The past couple of days I have spent some time polishing my skills and created some fun eye art inspired by some of my favorite things and colors.
Practicing painting in scale is a great way to per-fect those basic everyday looks and learn about the things you need to work on.
Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes, so practice, practice, practice. <3

"Monarch Butterfly"
One of my favorite things about summer is the butterflies, especially the monarchs.

My Beauty Addiction
Shadows: Poppy Red/Nectarine/Lemon Zest/Black/Matte White
Glitter: Meteorite
Lining/Foiling Medium

 "Neon Leopard"
Pink and Green are my 2 favorite colors to use. I am a huge glitter addict as well,
this is one of my favorite looks I've done.
My Beauty Addiction
Shadows: Jealous/VIPink/Matte White
Hysteria Pressed Glitter Palette
Lining/Foiling Medium

"Tied Up"
I have these great corset laced shoes and was inspired to do a simliar design.
My Beauty Addiction
Shadows: Red HOT!/Black/Matte White
Twinkle Dust: Silver
Glitter: Bombshell
Lining/Foiling Medium
 "Moment in Time"
One of my favorite pasttimes is photography, I had to come up with something that represents it, the old film and color, for when I first picked up a camera and film for when you had to develop the photos you take.
My Beauty Addiction
Shadows: Matte White/Gaia/Aged Gold/Latte/Black
Lining/Foiling Medium
 "Wise Owl"
One of my favorite creatures is the wise owl. This was such a fun look to do.
My Beauty Addiction
Shadows: Nectarine/Lemon Zest/African Violet/Lela
Glitter: Cliche
Lining/Foiling Medium

 "Retro Flor"
This is one of my favorite types of prints, floral and polka dots. This is very retro to me.
My Beauty Addiction
Shadows: Black/Matte White/Jealous/VIPink
Glitter: Addiction
Hysteria Palette
Lining/Foiling Medium
This look was inspired because I love wearing flowers in my hair.
I couldn't imagine one not in my hair.
My Beauty Addiction
Shadows: Kiwi Kiss/Aloha Rose/Lava Flow/Matte White
Lining/Foiling Medium
 "Graffiti Rock"
Sometimes I like to channel my inner rockstar.
My Beauty Addiction
Shadows: Matte White/Black/Firecracker/Snapple/Hawaii/Spitfire/Lemon Drop
Glitter: Meteorite/StarStruck
Lining/Foiling Medium
"Rainbow Reptile"
I have these crazy awesome stilletto rainbow reptile pumps, I love just looking at them so naturally I had to do an inspired design.
My Beauty Addiction
Shadows: Red HOT!/Karma/Lemon Drop/Delinquent/Gossip
Lining/Foiling Medium
Thanks for stopping by!
Stay Glamorous,
xo xo

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