Friday, February 22, 2013

2013 Spring Pantone Inspired EYESHADOW Collection

       I am so excited to share this NEW eyeshadow collection from My Beauty Addiction. It is inspired by the spring Pantone shades for this season's fashion 2013. You can purchase the shadows individually or as a collection. I would definately just get the whole collection, it is so worth it. They are a great variety of shades to compliment any skin tone and can be worn demure or dramatic.

I really love the whole collection, each shadow brings its own punch or can be easily blended to create a wide array of looks and will go amazily with my spring wardrobe. It inspires so many ideas for spring photoshoots and will go great with the spring weddings and special occasions as well.

Here are my descriptions of the shadows:
 Dusk Blue- shimmery light "denim" blue
 Tender Shoots- bright "spring" green, very vibrant
 Lemon Zest- bright and fun shimmery medium yellow, very vibrant
 Grayed Jade- semi matte grayed light green with a hint of shimmer
 Linen- fresh shimmery light pink shade
 Monaco Blue- semi matte dark blue shade with a just enough shimmer
Africian Violet- Shimmery light purple, just the purple you need for spring

 Poppy Red- shimmery burnt red shade
Nectarine- Shimmery light orange shade
 Emerald- Medium green with plenty of shimmer
My swatches of the shadows are on a clear base. They look great over
a mutliple array of base colors and look great wet as well as dry.
I LOVE them all and they are actually identicial color matches to the website photo of the products. It's always nice to see exactly what you are getting and thats what you get with these.
I used the shadow poxy as the clear base:
I created a quick look using a few shades as well as some other great My Beauty Addiction products:

My Beauty Addiction
Shadows: Tender Shoots, Monaco Blue, African Violet, Dusk Blue, Nectarine, Lemon Zest
... Shadow Poxy
Blush: Ginger Spice
Lips: Spiced Pumpkin Lipstick and Watermelon Pretty Lil Puckers
Face: 3W Liquid Foundation, Illuminzer, GLIMMER Dazzle Dust, #6 Honey Powder
I hope you have a wonderful evening, thank you for stopping by.
-xo Lindsay

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