Monday, September 26, 2011

9 HAIR Crimes : R U Guilty?

9 Hair Crimes: Are you GUILTY?
Written By: Lindsay the Glamorous
Great hair is not that hard to come by. You can start by visiting your stylist for regular upkeep, but here are some mistakes we all probably make that we can change to benefit our hair inbetween salon visits.
Everyone's hair look best when the natural oils from the scalp are allowed to reach the ends. Shampooing every other day or even every third day is healthier for your hair. If you need to refresh during those days, spray water on your roots and restyle with a blow dryer.
Always fastening your ponytail in the same spot is literally torture for your hair. The strands tend to get weak and broken after the constant pressure to hold it all up because of the bands. If you have to wear your hair up, be sure it is DRY, a pony tail on soaking wet hair is a huge NO NO, your hair is even weaker and you WILL have breakage. Move it up half an inch one day then down the next. I recommend using seamless rubberbands like Goody Ouchless, those will further minimize damage.
Brushing wet hair from the roots to the ends is no fun for your hair but if you must, use a comb. A comb is a lot more gentler then a brush but tugging it from the scalp to the tips can cause breakage. My alternative is to use a leave in conditioner, or a detangler when hair is wet then take your hair is sections and comb the ends working your way up in sections. I love to use It's a 10 leave in condtioner.
Brushing your hair over and over again for shine can lead to breakage as well, it's unnessary friction.
All you need is a few strokes to style your hair to get the natural oils from the roots to the ends. Be sure to change your brush on a regular basis. If you use a brush with plastic teeth and the little protective balls fall off, get a new brush, you are chopping your hair while brushing if you continue to use that. You can find many great affordable brushes at any local dollar general or dollar tree.
Blow drying your hair when it is dripping yet, yet again will damage and break your hair. Not only does it cause a ton of heat damage it will be difficult to style your hair. Before applying heat, wrap your hair in a towel for 5 minutes then air dry for another 5. Always apply a heat spray. I like to use Tresemme Heat Spray. A blow dryer should be used on DAMP (towel and air drying) hair for 20 minutes or less.
To grow healthy hair your scalp needs norishment! Massaging your head with your fingertips will stimulate blood flow giving norishment to your scalp. You can do this techinique to yourself or have someone do it for you, very relaxing!! If you want product care, try a leave in scalp treatment like Murad Professional Scalp Serum.
Using the incorrect brush can not only ruin your style, in can get snagged in your hair. Generally the longer your looks the larger in diameter your brush should be. Bigger hair equals bigger brush. To create volume use a round brush, to smooth your hair, a paddle brush is best.
You avoid hairspray because of the bad talk it has gotten many and many times over the years. The truth is ALL hair spray contains a polymer that actually locks out humidity which means its not harmful its helpful! Some newer hair sprays are even enriched with vitamins now. It is the polymer, not alcohol, that dries on your hair. The alcohol actually evaporates before it hits your head but always just use just enough to hold your style. Overdoing it will mess up your style and weigh it down.
Trying to get rid of flakes with a moisturizer or pomade is only a temporary fix. Dandruff is actually an inflammatory scalp disease unrelated to dryness. The cure? A shampoo with salicylic acid, zinc, selenium sulfide or tar to eliminate flakes. Trying to get rid of overly oily hair by baby powder as another temporary fix to oily hair. Don't wash your hair everyday is very keyto controling the oils, try using a DRY shampoo, that will stop the itch and the oily look. Head and Shoulders works great for both of these problems.
I'll let you go this time with a warning, hahaha.

Have a glamorous day and thanks for stopping by,
Lindsay The Glamorous

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