Monday, June 20, 2011


           Jordana Cosmetics is one of my favorite stops in the drugstore.
They offer many different types of liners for your eyes and lips in retractable pencil and sharpener pencil. A great variety of felt eye liners called Fabuliner, nail polishes, lip gloss, and lip pens.  I always find something I like and I am always satisifed with the product. Check out the variety at The average cost for a product is about $2 with tax, you can't beat that deal.
Stop by your Jordana counter next time your out! I recommend these cosmetics!

Now for the review! I got the pleasure to review 3 of their items sent to me.
I was given 2 polishes and a retractable silver eyeliner. I have never tried the polishes before and came to find another Jordana product I love. This polish only took one coat to polish my nail, not 3 or 4 like most other competitors. This to me means high quality. It has yet to chip without a topcoat 4 days later. This polish is only $1! I will definately be checking out some more shades next time I shop. The other polish is an art deco polish that has a long thin application brush for precise detailing. I used that on the tips and really liked it! I had compliments on my nails and others were surprised it was affordable products I have used.

I was also given a silver glitter eyeliner. This liner is from a small line of glitter liners they also carry. Great silver! My top pick for an affordable eyeliner is Jordana eyeliners, I love them all.
My Video Review:

<3 xo Lindsay

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