Friday, June 8, 2012


      When I was younger, I always loved the huge hand painted sign across the corner of Clinton and Fort St alongside a brick building overlooking the Clinton St bridge. Everyone seen it and knew it was there. It was huge and said, "Defiance, A Great Place to Live". Years ago the building suffered a devasting fire that destroyed the entire thing unfortunatly, but is still an ever clear inspiration in my mind. I always wanted to be an artist and wanted to be able to have an opportunity to do something that awesome someday. I would still like to hand paint something like that for my city but until then I did a makeup look. The original idea for this look was I wanted to do something that would be inspired from my home town Defiance, Ohio.

    The name Defiance means a lot to me as well.
Defiance is a noun that defined means the act or example of defying; a bold resistence to an opposing force or authority. To challenge, resist, and regard.
I like to think I wasn't born here and still here for no reason, because everything and everyone has a purpose in this world. This all helps me to keep it in mind to not hold back and defy expectations. The founder of my town said (Anthony Wayne) "I defy the English, Indians, and all the devils of hell to take it." I couldn't be more inspired. I like to live like each day could be my last and I have a lot in here to give before I'm done.

    I wanted my look to display the colors, name, and flavor I think my town has. I have seen many artists do graffitti looks on their face, lips, eyes and had to have a look like that for my portfolio as well as an inspired piece of my town. Defiance, Ohio.

Maybe this will inspire your own graffitti look. <3

Stay Glamorous,
Lindsay xo

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  1. Wow I've always been a fan of your makeup looks but this is amazing!!! I love how you always create things that are different (like this graffiti look) and really think outside the box. I mean... I've never seen anything like this before! It's probably the coolest makeup look anyone has ever done. :) You are an amazing artist and a huge inspiration to me. Thank You!!!