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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Eyeshadow Collection collab with My Beauty Addiction

I am so happy to share this collection with you because I helped create it! My Beauty Addiction and I teamed up to bring this awesome collection to you. This collection will be available online soon.

The inspiration for the colors of this collection came from one of my favorite childhood characters Rainbow Brite. I loved her show and movies with all her colorful friends.

 You can purchase the entire collection or individuals. 10 shades in all.
The colors are so much more vivid and more beautful in person.
I only used the My Beauty Addiction Shadow Poxy as my base for these swatches.
All the names were inspired from characters on the show.
Skydancer is a very near matte black shaded shadow with just a hint of blue. Perfect Black!
 Skydancer and Lurky Swatch
These shades would make great everyday or dramatic liners with
the My Beauty Addiction lining medium.
 Lurky is medium brown shaded matte shadow. Must-have Brown!
 Spark is a bright yellow shaded low shimmer/low sheen shadow. Vibrant!
 Spark and Lucky Swatch
Lucky is a low shimmer/low sheen medium green shaded shadow. Stunning!
 Champ is an awesome blue shade that is a low shimmer/low sheen shadow.
 Champ and I.Q. Swatch
 I.Q. is a gorgeous low shimmer/low sheen medium purple shaded shadow. Irrestiable!
 Ticked Pink is a low shimmer/low sheen bright medium pink shaded shadow. Girly!
 Tickled Pink and Twink Swatch
 Twink is a beautful matte white shaded shadow. Perfect white!
 Romeo is a shimmery red shaded shadow. Love!
 Romeo and O.J. Swatch
 O.J. is a low shimmer/low sheen orange shaded shadow. Sunny!
Such a gorgeous little collection.

I am also wearing VIPink lipgloss pot on my lips and Sierra on my
cheeks from My Beauty Addiction.
I will be using these for my next wearable look video tutorials.

Stay Glamorous,
xo Lindsay

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

One Suitcase = 50 outfits+

   One thing I really love is wardrobe styling. I have always had access to fashion magazines growing up and that really developed my taste for fashion. I remember having folders upon folders of ads and editorials that I would save and put them together for some odd reason to create my own magazines. I remember a few times my cousins and friends would really enjoy the "magazines" I would put together and tried to take them!! Today, styling my clothes is just one more creative palette for me to express myself.

   I have learned a lot about fashion over the past 20 some years and always have documented my outfit choices. I feel like most ladies have a problem with what they should pack in their suitcase, I know I am not good at making choices, so the more the better! Besides, weather is unprediciable, there may be too many different types of looks you need for one trip, or you are just style illiterate. I choose some key pieces you probably already have in your closet to help make the choosing a little bit easier.

I came up with 50 outfits for 1 medium sized suitcase that should cover just about anything you may have to do and for weather changes. These 50 outfits are not the only outfits, there is still many more combinations you can achieve. You can do your best to match the "idea" of each piece to achieve an array of looks right out of your own closet! I hope you enjoy!

The 26 Pieces I Used:
*Black Pencil Skirt
*Navy Blazer
*Jean Jacket
*Black and White Polka Dot Dress
*Black Jeans
*Fun Leggings
*Colored or Black Button down blouse
*White Button down blouse
*Cable Knit Sweater
*White Tee
*Black Tank
*Black and White Striped Tee
*Casual Belt
*Dress Belt
*Fun Scarf
*Casual Sunglasses
*Dressy Sunglasses
*Jean Shorts
*Black Sandals
*Black Heels
*Colored Heels
*Colored Sandals
*Statement Necklace

So many different looks using just those pieces and still so many more looks you could achieve!
It does all fit into one medium suitcase with pockets to spare. You probably will have to hand wash and dry a few items by the way. :)

Thank you for stopping by, safe travels, and have fun with fashion!

Stay Glamorous,
xo Lindsay