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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Hamsa Hot Look

Hello My Glamorous Friends! Welcome Back! Today I have an outfit for you featuring CNDirect.

Hamsa - Take my hand and you will see I can keep you safe and free, when you are lost and can't be found I will bring your savior round, any bad will be diminished and turned into a happy finish!

This was such a fun look!! <3



Stay Glamorous,
xo Lindsay Haul

Hello My Glamorous Friends! Welcome back! Today I have an outfit and a fashion haul for you featuring DressLink! Check it out below!

This is how my package arrived. It took at 21 days for regular delivery and everything was safe and secure inside. A signature was required for me to get my package from the post. :D 


Stay Glamorous,

Monday, August 24, 2015

Hello My Glamorous Friends! 
Today I am going to talk to you about safe sex featuring condoms from
Here are some cool facts about these condoms.

· Our condoms are 100% free of harmful chemicals including spermicide, parabens, casein, and glycerin. These additives are known to be carcinogenic as well as cause infections in women, such as UTIs and yeast infections. Additionally, we have a 90% reduction in proteins in our latex which means that our condoms are thinner, more transparent, and have less of a latex smell and taste. Our packaging is made out of entirely recycled material and vegetable based inks.  
· We were awarded "Best for the World - Overall" by B Corp. For context, B Corps are certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency (other B Corps include Patagonia and Ben & Jerry's). Out of the entire batch of B Corp certified corporations, ours was selected among a dozen others as the highest scoring across all the evaluators.  
· When we donate, we don't only send condoms - we endorse a thoughtful approach to ensure the most sustainable and long lasting impact. We support organizations who train women to become healthcare professionals so that they are able to sell the condoms as a source of income. This gives them the opportunity to become independent as breadwinners in their community thus giving them a larger say in key decision making, such as condom use. We not only want to raise funds to help make safe sex a human right, we aim to empower women both domestically and around the globe.

It was shipped in this discreet box, everything was safe and secure and shipped through Shyp.

Dope Packaging.. so fancy <3 

12 Condoms per Package

The mission is outstanding! You really should buy these condoms instead of the others. :D 

Check out my INSTAGRAM for the GIVEAWAY!! <3 

Stay Glamorous and Stay SAFE! <3

xo Lindsay