Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Lady Gaga 2009 VMA Inspired Look

 I love me some Lady Gaga and from time to time since she has been out, I get called Lady Gaga! Maybe its the similar body type, blonde hair, big eyes? or my need to dress and look as I please. I am not scared to express myself (madonna)! <3 This look is for a celebrity look a like competition so I decided to become her since so many give me that reference.

I chose her look from the 2009 VMA's. She wore like 7 different outfits maybe more but the makeup look stayed the same. I tried my best to mimick her look.
 Lady Gaga at the 2009 VMA's
Her performance ended bloody! <3

For my look I just used a white lace curtain I had hanging up, it actually looks extremely similar to the lace that was used for one of her costumes that evening, and wrapped that around me and place on my head. I also used halloween blood for the last few pictures.
This is a really easy look to accomplish.

Face: Loreal True Match Ivory Foundation, Moi Minerals HD Powder and blush Affection
Lips: LA Colors clear lipgloss
Eyebrows: BH Cosmetics Neutral Palette and Wet n Wild Taupe Liner
Eyes: ELF Black cream shadow, Wet N Wild Don't Steal My Thunder Palette (black and white), LIT Cosmetics Gunsmoke glitter and Lit Kit, Ulta Mascara, Nyx Milk Pencil

Shop Lit: www.litcosmetics.com
Shop Moi Minerals: www.moiminerals.com www.etsy.com/shop/moiminerals

 Like that pink? I know, I should of curled it better, but it is done... lol
I only used my loose blush Affection from Moi Minerals and hair gel. I took a bit ofthe pigment in my hands and mixed in the gel. Rubbing your hands together massage into your hair. You can use this on ANY hair color for a tinted looked. I may just go rainbow one of these days. This is temporary and will wash out. Be careful on really light hair though, it can stain if you are using true micas.

I love Gaga <3

Now for the performance look! I just added fake blood.
 Yes I squirted it in my eye! Burned like hell... but I got the picture!! lol

Stay Glamorous,
xo Lindsay