Friday, June 29, 2012

DIY 4th of July/Independence Day Outfit

It's almost that time of year again, 4th of July! I shared a great glitter makeup look last year, so this year I decided to share a DIY outfit! I love the whole Ameican Flag shorts that are being seen just about everywhere and I am sure there are probably a few tutorials for shorts similar to these. I still haven't came across a pair I liked or that is reasonably priced so this is my take on the trend.

I thought to make my tutorial more unique then the others floating around was to add glitter, rhinestones, and a rockstar tank top! I really love the pom poms stores come out with on holidays. I never actually see anyone using them at holidays, but I really like them so I have bought some and always made them look like hair or used it as it is, a prop for pictures!
I thought what a perfect way to make a trendy top for this year 2012. I love it, I hope you do too!

Please enjoy the video to find out how you can make your own 4th of July Outfit! Guaranteed compliments, I plan on using this for a photo shoot soon. :)

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Last Year's Makeup Tutorial would look great with this.

DIY :)
 For the shorts I used:
Red, White, Blue Glitter
Clear, Red, and White Fabric Paint and Brush
Glue gun and glue
Stars or Tape
Old pair of jean shorts

OOO!! I love these sooo much! Must do DIY!

Flag pattern is just like cheetah print or the color black to me, it will look hot with anything. ;)

 For the top you will need:
Scissors, Glue and Glue Gun or you can sew.. hahha
Old white tank or a new one.. W/E ;)

 Love it!! I need to design more, I know whis was basic but I truly love it and haven't seen anything like it. I have folders of designs I have drawn since I was a girl.


Hope you liked it! Let me know how your crafting goes, send me a message/pic on
facebook and you could be featured on my page. :)
Have a Safe and Glamorous Holiday!
Happy 4th of July!

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