Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Money-Saving Makeup Monday: Spicy Summer

Hello my glamorous friends! I've decided to start getting organized
and keep this blog updated 5 days a week with some of my favorite
looks, outfits, art, and tutorials, etc. I will still be throwing
in some reviews on those days as well.
Here is my schedule:
Monday- 'Money Saving Makeup Monday'
Featuring affordable drugstore products that really save you extra cash but are high quality.
Tuesday- 'Tutorial Tuesday'
Featuring a video tutorial either of makeup, hair, diy, or whatever else I can think of.
Wednesday- Wardrobe Wednesday
Featuring an outfit, shoes, etc. or wardrobe staples that you must have in your closet.
Thursday- 'Two-Faced Thursday'
Featuring day to night makeup looks with how to tricks and tips.
Friday-'Fierce Friday'
Featuring dramatic and glamorous look/hair/nails/makeup/outfit

Today I am sharing some really amazing mineral eyeshadows and lipstick. These products are so cheap but the color payout is out of this world.
I used all of these products for my look today as well as a pair of eyelashes I found at big lots for $2.
These products range from $1 to $6. They are all vibrant and longlasting as anything else you might find. It's all in the way you use it. ;)


E.L.F. has these amazing loose mineral eyeshadows that are very beautiful and long lasting. I ended up catching a deal on the website that if you purchase $25 you get 10 free full sized eyeshadows! I was sold, you really can't beat that kind of deal. I was pleasantly surprised in the amount of shadow you get, the colors, and just how sparkly and beautiful they are. They normally are $3 each, which you can't find that good of a deal anywhere that I know of. Definatly worth a try, I love them all!

Jordana has amazing products as well. I find these products at Dollar General and Walgreens.
I actually have every lipstick shade they carry because their shades are so unique and at $1 each, you can't beat that. They also carry matte lipsticks, but the main shades are shimmery and glossy shades ranging from vibrant to sheer. I can't live without my Jordana lipsticks!
This one is Amber, a vibrant shimmery orange.  

 I hope you enjoyed today's look! Have a glamorous day and come back soon!

Stay Glamorous,
xo Lindsay

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