Tuesday, July 16, 2013

LOTD & OOTD: Triple Feature

I've had a lot of fun creating looks and outfits over the past few days.
Dressing my pregnant body has been a bit of challenge but I love a challenge!!
I love this time in my life and thought why wear boring maternity clothes when I can just buy clothes that are bigger and then I can alter them post partum.
I mostly thrift shop, because I like that unique find, nothing worse then showing up
to an event and matching 2 or 3 other people.
The styles I am sharing do NOT have to only be for those that are pregnant.
These outfit combos will look great without the belly. ;)
When looking for things to wear, don't try to copy the look exactly by buying those exact pieces, you can always find colors, textures, or prints that are similar to create your own style.
Your closet could be hiding the new favorite outfit. ;)
Outfit 1:
Neutrals like tan and brown are great colors that will look good with anything you may decide to wear. Here I added them as my shoes, belt, and bag. I felt like the light green and gold jewelry really added that extra touch I was looking for without going overboard on color. The animal print belt is the 'staple' piece in this outfit. It will go with every dress or skirt I have in my closet. The skinny belt is a great way to 'hide' a larger midsection by breaking up the single color of the dress and giving the illusion of flattering porportions. You wouldn't really know I was pregnant unless you seen me from the side or I told you. ;)
 Makeup Look 1:
This is a more natural casual look for me, I did feel absolutly beautiful though. I still added a bit of glitter for sparkle and the glam effect. Smokey eyes do not always have to be using black and white. Here I used a combo of gray, light green, and bronze to create the same effect.
My Beauty Addiction
Shadows: Dewdrops/Antique/Warm Bronze
Glitter: Honeydew
Bronzer: Goddess
Dazzle Dust: Diamond
Color Rich Lipsticks: Candy Baby/Bare
Round Tapered Brush
6pc Brush Set
Outfit 2:
When wearing bright colors I like to make it not so matchy by adding a neutral color like black. Here I did it with my shoes, bag, and jewelry, but added a bit more color with the hair flower for that summertime feel. Printed dresses are a great way to propotion a larger mid section. This paisley print will play with the eyes, not making the belly so obvious. I love a maxi dress in the summer.  
 Makeup Look 2:
I went dramatic for this look but skipped the liquid top eyeliner that I usually like to wear. Yellows, reds, and oranges are the colors of summer and just so happen to
look amazing on a pair of brown eyes. ;)
Shadows: Lava Flow/Beach Bum/Island Sunshine/Papaya Punch/Aloha Rose
Glitter: Bubblegum
Bronzer: Goddess
Dazzle Dust: Glisten
Color Rich Lipstick DUO compact: Bare/Lovespell
Liquid Mineral Foundation: 3W
Round Tapered Brush
6pc Brush Set
Outfit 3:
Matchy but not too matchy is what I was going for here. You don't always need to have the exact colors in the main piece to create an outfit. Here I added the green wedges and a necklace with green in it to add more color to this simple tank and floral skirt. It really worked out and looked very pulled together. I added the neutral fedora for that summertime feel. A purple bag and bracelt where just the extra pops of color this outfit needed. Casually cool.  
 Makeup Look 3:
I really played with color here, this is probably one of my favorite looks I have created.
These colors go together so well!!
Shadows: Lucky/I.Q./Kiwi Kiss/Delirious/Angel Wings
Glitter: Cozumel
Bronzer: Goddess
Dazzle Dust: Glimmer
Color Rich Lipstick: Candy Baby
Sugar Babies Lip Glaze: Bubblegum
Liquid Mineral Foundation: 3W
Round Tapered Brush
6pc Brush Set
I hope you enjoyed this post, it was fun to create! I will be doing a full 'maternity' outfit looks post when my pregnancy is over, as well as how I get back into shape, so come back soon. :) Have a Glamorous day!!
Stay Glamorous,
xo Lindsay

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  1. All are gorgeous! But I LOVVVVE that last look, so pretty. Love the colors. And the lip stick compliments the eye look so well. You are just stunning Lindsay. ♥