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Saturday, December 18, 2021

Is this you? Kick Bad Hair Habits Now!

Don't: Use just any rubberband. You'll end up with tons o'broken and snagged strands.

Do: Use coated elastic bands, like a soft material. I prefer silk or velvet scrunchies. 

Don't: Suds up more than once a day, even if you worked out; or you will get majorly dried out!

Do: Lather up once; work the shampoo into scalp and rinse well. After a major sweat session, just rinse your locks with semi warm water and use a leave in conditioner and air dry. I prefer using a coconut scent. 

Don't: Brush soaking wet hair; it is three times weaker then when it's dry and WILL break off and cause unevenness. 

Do: Let it AIR DRY! But if you must let if dry half way, even towel dry,  and use a blow dryer on a low setting and heat protection spray to finish your look. Try to refrain from hot tools and just let your hair be. Add a leave in conditioner or hair serum or oil. I'm your confirmation that letting your hair look natural is beautiful too. It's ok to heal your hair. If it's tangled, you need oil and a wide tooth comb. See a beauty salon or search online to find ways to create a hair care routine for your hair type. Thank God for content creators. :D 

Don't: Blow-dry in all directions- it will rob your hair or it's natural shine. 

Do: Run your drier from roots to tips and use a heat protection spray for some ultimate mega-gloss locks.

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