Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Selena T shirt OOTD

🌹Selena! There is so much to say about the influence Selena had on my life as a young girl. I grew up being mixed of white and hispanic, living with my white side and never seeing my hispanic side, not really knowing anything about that culture and Selena helped me get in touch with who I was. On my 12th birthday day I received Dreaming of You from my friend Katrina Gomez. I will NEVER forget that day. It inspired me to learn more about where I came from and to learn Spanish because this beautiful woman who looked like one of my aunties was singing in english and spanish. I memorized every song and now can credit Selena for teaching me spanish and inspiring so many other aspects in my life. She was a huge inspiration and continues to be. RIP Selena 🌹

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