Friday, January 15, 2016

Cherry Pinup Dress, Makeup Look, and Neon Green Hair

Hello My Glamorous Friends! I have a few new things to share with you! I freshened up my colors to yellow and green. I used Manic Panic Electric Lizard and Ion Cantelope for these shades. My hair was Splat Orange Fireballs before and I let that fade out and did a 70 vol bleaching before getting these shades. My hair has also been totally bleached blonde over the past year or so, which makes the color really bright. I'm in love <3 

I also got a new camera for Christmas, selfie time <3 

I used Glamorous Chicks Cosmetics today;
Shimmer Powders: Solar/Mink/Tropicana
Lipstick: Speak Up
Glitter: Angelic White

Mermaid Pencil Party Dress:

Brrrr.. it was cold but this cute dress can warm things up <3

Here are a couple of extras.. such a pretty winter horizon <3 

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my post. 
Stay Glamorous,
xo Lindsay 

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