Saturday, October 6, 2012

COVERGIRL Fall Look and OUTLAST Lipstick Test

Covergirl was one of my first loves in makeup, vibrant colors of lips, eyes, and cheeks, face products and mascaras.. everything. I used to love those little pressed powder compacts, they were a staple in purse growing up.


Today I got out a really great little quad from them called Drama Eyes. You get four shades, white, black, silver, and burgandy. They are very vibrant or can be used very lightly. I went for a more dramatic look because it it of coarse called Drama Eyes.

I absolutly love this blush called Iced Cappicino. I wish there was a huge palette of this blush. I should glue a bunch together on one of my crazy crafty days.. hahha! Anyways, It is perfect and my favorite shade from them. Even though I love all the cheekers. I'm a collector of these.

I always hear about Covergirl Outlast lipstick, I of coarse needed a lippie too so this was perfect to test. It comes in a little box and my shade is #625 Sunkissed. It has two tubes, one lip conditioner/primer and the other a glossy stain. Intresting combo, I like to always prime my lips before applying lippies anyhow so I gave this a go.
I DO NOT like this product, it kept fading instantly and felt like paint on my lips. You know the gooey semi dried paint you get on the lid of the can of house paint, thats exactly what it looked like and felt like coming off my lips. It was very hard to get off as well, so it does have staying power in spots. It is a bit pricey too BUT I did get mine off the clearance rack for $3.00 it's usually around $9 -$11 dollars. Now I know why. It's not worth it, you get a little bit of crappy product for way to much of money. I know my pictures may look ok but I hate the way my lips look it was hard to get  picture without layering on tons of the product. I will never use it again. Trashed.
Covergirl FAIL! product> Outlast Lipsticks>
Here is what I had to literally scrub off my lips, it felt so gross.
I'll stick to the regular lipsticks they carry from now on.
Here is my look I ended up with,  I love the shadows and blush in this look for my new hair color. I love that the shade of burgandy in the palette was a perfect match for my brow color and gave me the desired color for my brows. :)

Have a Glamorous Evening,
xo Lindsay

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  1. When I use the outlast lipsticks I do not apply the conditioner as a primer I apply the color right to my lips with nothing underneath it, let dry and then apply the conditioner. I use Equate makeup wipes to get it off. I've never had a problem with them running or fading or anything else by doing it that way.