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My name is Lindsay The Glamorous, I live in Defiance, Ohio, I’m 35 and have 3 wonderful son's. I have been modeling and traveling for almost 8 years and have fallen head-over-heels in love with it. I hope to keep creating unique, vibrant photos all over the world for a very long time! I am also absolutely in love with traveling, cooking, photography, makeup, music of all genres, sci fi movies, rainbows, good cheese with wine of coarse, fashion, really high heels, fun lipstick, great hair, hot rods and Cadillacs , leopard print and all things ART.  

Do you have a Glamorous product you think I should share with the world?
I have a 72 hour turn around on reviews/advertisments unless their
is a testing time preference.
Trade and Paid Advertisements available
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(Please check my instagram for up to the moment image: beglamorousbylindsay)


My boys <3 


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