Sunday, November 28, 2021

Pinkzio Lashes


With graduated length, this best quality synthetic silk false eyelashes are longer towards the outer eye for a medium cat-eye effectVibe queen fake eyelashes give a fashionista, great value and just the right amount of drama with its crisscross clusters. It is a top-quality, lightweight lash designed and produced with tapered end technology so your natural lashes blend smoothly with it. You have almond eyes, upturned or whatever shape and color, you can always illuminate your eyes and ooze off positive vibes anywhere, anytime.

  • Fiber lash-Blackband 
  • Double tips in one hair eyelash and flat fiber, as soft as cashmere Double Layer 3D Effect
  • Wear 7-10 times with proper care
  • Length: 8-17mm


A fierce queen is not one to be toyed with. This pair of voluminous faux mink false eyelashes are wispy and gives your eyes a perfect finish in seconds. Its incredible features create symmetry and open up the look of your eyes. Fiery Queen is three-layered, lightweight, soft, and velvety. It is meticulously handcrafted to ensure its quality and splendor for users. You need to add some drama to your beauty box, as Queens are born to rule the world.

  • Mega Volume 3D Faux Mink-BlackBand 
  • Mega Volume, super fluffy and dramatic
  • Tousy tapered end as real mink lashes
  • Wear 10-15 times with proper care
  • Length: 8-16MM

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