Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Rainbow Hair with Punky Colours

This is my first time trying out Punky Colour by Jerome Russell. It's a little cheaper then most dyes which is why I tried this brand today. Depending on the color it is anywhere from $6-$9.
I ordered mine from bc I compared price and shipping time in many stores online. They saved me whopping $30 and gave me free shipping and it got here quicker then expected (expected in 5 days and got it in 2) and 2 weeks sooner then Amazon quoted even with my prime, which reminds me to tell you to  always shop around. 

I was pleasantly surprised by this product. It smelled really fruity like fruit stripe gum. Its a thick colored conditioning cream so this is now my favorite way to dye my hair unless someone can change my mind with a new product that I'm unaware of. I'm trying out these 7 shades today. 

After I bleached my dark brown hair about 3 times I decided to dye,
 my hair was at a level 8 light blonde tone.  
Warning! If you do bleaching yourself you are at risk of burns to the skin and scalp. You can also chemical cut your hair or fry it all off. It takes a hell of a lot of experiments with levels of bleach per hair strength. I never went to hair school so I am sure there is a bunch of other warnings I should give but just want to remind you to go see a professional to do the bleaching and ask to see that professionals before and afters of bleachings. I would then go home and play with the punky colours yourself so you can truly have that healthy vivid hair you are expecting. It's actually cheaper to go to a salon then to buy tons of boxes of bleach and you wont have any spots!! <3 

Time to get my rainbow on!

I sectioned my hair and wrapped each section in tin foil. I liked the ease of use of this product. The only color that stained my hands after was the red shade but thats to be expected in any red tone. It WAS easier to wash off my hands and tub more so then any other red I have used. Also there is no color residue afterwards. Every other color Ive used left dye in my hair no matter how many times I would wash and it would stain the heck out of my bed sheets and pillows every bedtime. Not one spot on my sheets with this product. I seriously give this a 10 out of 10! Try it! if you do #beglamorousbylindsay on your hair color pics on Instagram 
<3 Have a Glamorous Day <3 

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