Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Be TRENDY for LESS with

Be TRENDY for LESS with
Are you like me and hate to wear the same outfit more than once but have a budget? I found the perfect online store called that sells a variety of clothing, accessories, shoes, and more.
This store has such a wide variety and ever changing wardrobe for the trendy.  You can choose from jackets/blazers, casual and dressy dresses and tops, shorts, leggings, skirts, pants/jeans, workout clothes, shoes/sandals, jewelry/hair accessories, scarves, bags/purses, and so much more. The woman’s clothing ranges from extra small to plus sizes in a variety of trendy styles all for only $5.99 each!! They also carry a variety of shoes that are only $5.99 as well or you can check out the array of jewelry that is only $1.99 each! They also carry many other trendy items for an affordable price and even have clearance sales and nothing on the site costs more the $5.99.
The one thing about this shop is that it is very popular and they are always selling out on items, so if you see something you want, don’t hesitate or it could be gone. They are always updating their inventory and keeping up with the latest trends, sometimes sharing items that are on the brink of becoming a trend.
They do not share the actual labels on each item but do tell you what the item would cost in another store, but know they are always from great designers. The items I got and have gotten are great quality and would be selling anywhere else for 3 or 4 times as much! It’s a great way to update your wardrobe without spending a lot. 
Checking out was very easy and they even give a 5% discount code if you sign up with their site. My package arrived in about a week and everything was secure and intact inside. I received an animal print high-low dress, sparkly beaded sandals, and a pair of matching gold sparkly dangling earrings today all for less than $13!! My dress is so comfortable and made of stretchy and breathable material and the sandals are very comfortable as well. The earrings are shiny and light weight.

You can really look good for not that much; is a fashion lover’s dream come true.
Stay Glamorous, xo Lindsay

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  1. I like this site as well, but it is VERY hit or miss when it comes to finding clothing. 90% of their clothes are dated or just plain ugly. In fact, most of those clothes they don't even bother putting on model. The ones that can pass for 'decent' are the true gamble. They manipulate the items on the models and then enhance the photos with software to make the clothing look its best so when you finally receive it in the mail, you're crossing your fingers that it is the same quality/look as it was on the website. With that said, I have a few, and I mean, a FEW, items from this site that are great (especially for the price), but I also have quite a bit of items with tags on them that I would never step out of my house in. I keep seeing these 'awesome' reviews for this site, but I don't ever see anyone with the type of experience that I have with this company. I should write a review myself, but I don't have time for that, nor do I know how to get these items sent t me for free. Perhaps that is what is fueling this 'oh-so-positive' reviews. I guess if I didn't have to pay for any of the clothes I have from this site, I would have "nice" things to say about them too. But for anyone who comes across this page and reads my comment, just beware. The items on this site are priced as they are for a reason. Not all items, though, are bad. Some, are quite nice and are a bit of a steal for just 6 dollars. Another things to mention now that I think about it is the QUANTITY of items. Anything, that closely resembles something that would look somewhat trendy will immediately sell out. Either that, or they will only have one size in stock. Yet, there are hardly ANY reviews of the items on their page. I have reviewed just about everything I've bought, but the negative reviews that I try to submit always return some type of 'error' unless I put 5 stars. So beware of the few reviews that are on the site, don't trust them. Just know that bottom-line, you are gambling with what you will open when that box arrives in your mailbox.