Tuesday, February 12, 2013

LG Images - My journey of photography

             After quitting my job at a professional photography studio, over the past few months I kind of have honestly been missing the whole photo shoot experience and the process of transforming someone. I was shooting people outdoors but since this weather has gotten chilly, it has put me in a rut until now. When I started working there I was asked if I thought I could be a photographer and really didn’t believe I was one. I always took photos of everything and everyone but never really thought this is the trade I want to do. Besides that I didn’t want the photographer to think I was there to learn photography and actually she kind of pushed me in that direction. I just wanted to be a team, be the makeup/hair/fashion person. All of that obviously didn’t work out but in a way it did. It made me realize I have a hidden talent for photography and this was a way for me to combine my skills.

            This is my first time setting up a studio in my home and actually shooting someone using backdrops and props. I got a lot of experience shooting them and at my computer editing as well. In photography I find it an endless way to create art and with every shot there is always something new to learn. For a couple months there I thought I needed to wait to even try to shoot someone until I have a better camera, better space, better this and that but looked at what I have and used it the best way I know.  The thought in the back of my mind was, “God can’t bless you with more if you don’t use what He has already given you”, that was enough motivation for me. I took the time to find everything around my home to use clothes, back drops, created hair pieces and props, etc.

         I’m really proud of myself for doing this and see this as a start of more work to come. I’m having so much fun and love the direction my work is going. I recently was asked if I would like to have my work published and achieved my first magazine publication. It’s all a blessing and I am so excited to see where this can go. I have also been inquired about my prices and will have a price list available on FB and this blog soon. I invite you to see what I have been up too. You can view all my shoots on the Facebook page: www.facebook.com/lgimagesartstudio

Here are some of my favorite shots from the last 2 weeks:

Model: Megan Miller




Model: Amanda Dunlap

Have a Glamorous Day,
xoxo Lindsay

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