Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Avengers: 9 Inspired Look Tutorials

As you can see from my title, I love comic book heros and villians. I am so excited for The Avengers to be coming out this Friday May 4th, those kind of movies are the ones I like most and look forward too. I have neglected my Comic Book Series on YouTube and thought what  perfect time to start some new looks for that. I chose 9 of the main characters from the movie/comic books to share with you today. They are inspired artistic looks that can be used in cosplay or for whatever you want. I came up with the looks on my own and always take time to get inspired and draw out what I am going to share with you. These looks are not based on the movie or even the comic books and I made all the looks feminine regardless if they were male characters. I hope you enjoy the following 9 looks and be sure to check out the rest of the looks from my YouTube Playlist Comic Book Series.

Loki is Thor's adopted brother causing jelously throughout his life, causing many comic book conflicts. He is the God of Mischeif and adopted as a Greek, so I intrepted that a bit into my look.

Maria Hill
Maria Hill is a SHEILD agent commander, who to me plays a significant role in the comics, I'm not even sure if she will make the movie. She is mostly behind the scenes but I felt she had to be in this series because she did a lot of really awesome defeats on some of our main Avengers before becoming an Avenger herself.

The Greek God Odin had a baby to succeed his power and named him Thor. This is pretty self explanitory, he was born to be a super hero.

This look was a bit more tricky for me because this character has went through a few costume changes and he basicially looks ridious in the comics so I did my best to show him as a strong fearless hero.


Iron Man

Nick Fury
Nick Fury is also a SHEILD agent. A Sheild Agent is someone who is involved and trained in Tony Starks( Iron Man ) protection technology.  He was a hero in the WW2 and was easily assigned director of Sheild because of his presentance and abilities.

Captain America

Black Widow

By the way, if you don't know about these characters, check out :)

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